AC Collagene was founded in the year 2005, when our labatory devellopped a high quality collagen serum who gaves amazing results. To keep price as democratic possible, we chose te sell by direct marketing and internet. This quit successful, for moment already all over world are having franchisors 10 ….
Address:Sint-Truidersteenweg 38
Ness belgium sprl
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Address:Rue Gretry 116
Skyline Chain Corporation
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Address:n. v. l. o s. a. 1070 bruxelles
KHANCO Leather
We are a manufacturer of leather jackets since 1997, based in Pakistan and have our office and warehouse in Brussels, from where we ship our goods to the rest of Europe and the North America. We are interested in both the reail outlets and the wholesalers..
Address:Avenue Prekelinded 87
Luciano abbate
Our company imports all kind of watches in all price ranges and has been etablished since 1996. Our main market is at present western europe but we are planning to expand into the african market ver soon..
Address:Putsesteenweg, 14
Castellins N. V.
Castellins, dealing in import and export of flax fibres since 1900, all over the family Van De Casteele, has grown into a dynamic world orientated company. Due to its own trading system production line including carding, combing hackling different tow, Castellins supplies on most modern direct ….
Address:Drieslaan 4
European Gateway Logistics
Whe startet in 1998 with 2 persons en now whe work with 17 people in the company whe make frigo transport en oder transport(pallets en wrak) - we sale aso waste paper from good quality. Whe have also stockage place + 8000m2.
Address:Jachthoornlaan 5
Paradiso Toys
Paradiso toys is one of the world leaders of "giant" in- and outdoortoys. Sandpits, slides, playhouses, swings and rockers are the main products. As manufacturer we are also occupied with the distribution of its toys all over Europe..
Address:Dorp 14
turbos hoet
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Address:bruggesteenweg 127
Satellite IPTV Telecom TV & Radio SystemsBroadcast IT Management EngineeringNETWORK MANAGEMENT Systems Routing Controls Automation ControlsAnalyst & Software Development Consulting.
Address:Rue Cyriel Buysse 14
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Address:NamurEminesrue de la laderie, 2K
Trading company with exclusive contracts for production of Raw Materials in Neutraceurical and Pharma. Well experienced, highly organized and very efficient. Great network and high service grade. Our Motto is that we get things done what we promise..
Address:Koningin Astridlaan 69
Wim Peeters Agencies
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Wm's Public Servcies
we buy toys and computermaterial directly from china, sell to every country in europe, mainly belgium, france, netherlands, germany. We are now looking for distributors italy, uk, sweden other company's. Most of ower models on stock, scale is 1:10 1:4 all cars have eu certificat legaly labeled. ….
Address:Anna Maria Cogenstraat 12
We are a company active in a "niche" market of paper-recuperation. We buy restrolls from printing companies which we transform into wrapping-paper and cardboard cores to be used in several other industries. Authenticated and Audited..
Address:Industrieweg 122
Mececco Bvba
We are a trading company based in Belgium. have our own spinning plant India producing complete range of woolen and semi-worsted yarns for machine hand made carpets. Our production is exported primarily to Western Europehence the opportunity setting up company. Further this expertise easily spills ….
Address:Arthur Stoffelstraat 28/1F
My company is one of the best companies around globe. We are dealing with safety we sell safe and fast to anybody who willing pay right price for product. Our profile work hard good be able shipp easy all products trade leads that customers want buy them so everybody happy in end. had no problems our do make ….
Address:3 Kingly Street
all cycling items, especially carbon items.
Address:Ninoofesteenweg 898
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Address:Avenue Auguste Piccard 8
UBIFONE is changing the way world communicates! Outstanding Cutting Edge Solutions Unparalleled Business Opportunity FREE and Unlimited Calls to any UBI Global Number in Never miss another call. pay Roaming. One that you can always be reached on as we will forward your calls Cellular/Mobile, Landline ….
Address:Rijkevorsel 2310