Mobile ozone air disinfection machine
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  • Update : Jul/08/2019
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    Equipment use: The equipment is designed and manufactured according to the pharmaceutical grade GMP standard. Its performance is superior, stable and reliable. It is widely used in food processing workshops, pharmaceuticals, biological products, genetic engineering, hospital operating rooms, sterile rooms, public entertainment places, sterile wards, instrument processing, underground. Shopping malls, cold storage, poultry and other industries require aseptic processing of local and all and one-way sterile clean environment sterilization, completely replace ultraviolet light irradiation and drug fumigation to disinfect the air and surface of the sterile room , disinfection is thorough, no dead ends, no pollution. Features: Adopting the nano titanium titanium ozone generating device imported from Germany, the surface of the device adopts the dustproof, moistureproof and flame retardant design of the internationally leading double-sided unique coated protective film, and at the same time prevents the adsorption of dust, oil and water, and is assembled with a plate radiator. And automatic temperature control anti-heating device, the most reliable flame retardant cutting-edge technology in the world, and has applied for patents in China. The ozone generator unit process structure can be easily replaced by any group, which is convenient for maintenance and overhaul. The heat dissipation of the device is fast, the service life of the equipment is prolonged, the ozone concentration is high, the ozone transportation is rapid, and the sterilization time is reduced. The drive power program is produced by advanced technology. Each dry maintenance-free power supply adopts the patented technology of foreign hufo, and has a special protection circuit. The whole machine is safe and reliable, and it has no fault for normal operation for ten years. The outer casing of the series ozone

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  • Mobile ozone air disinfection machine
  • Room disinfection machine