Pipe laying machine use tandem roller bearing T4AR30100
  • Company : JinHang Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd
  • Region : Henan , China
  • Category : General Mechanical Components > Bearings
  • Specification : The rings and washers are made from hardened steel. Tandem bearings are predominantly fitted with standard axial cylindrical roller and bearing assemblies. The thrust cylindrical roller bearing T4AR30100 with size
  • Quantity : 2PCS
  • Price : 1000
  • Contact Person : Jean Yang|||sales
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  • Website : www.chinajhbearing.com
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Update : Jan/27/2022
  • Product Details

    Tandem bearings T4AR30100consist of several axial cylindrical roller bearings arranged in line, A system of rings and washers matched to each other ensures that all stages of the tandem bearing are subjected to uniform load at all times irrespective of the ratio C/F.