TEBB-600A Automatic transormer turn ratio tester
  • Company : Baoding Tianteng Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Region : Hebei , China
  • Category : Electrical Equipment & Supplies > Other Electrical Equipment
  • Specification : Technical data: 1)Range: 0.9?10000 2)Accuracy: ±0.1%+2wrods (0.9~500) ±0.2%+2words (501-2000) ±0.5%+2words (2001-10000) 3) Resolution: Minimum is 0.0001 4) Working power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 5)Applied temperature: -10??40? 6) Contrary humidity: ?85%, no dew. 7) Size: 360mmX290mmX170mm
  • Quantity : 200
  • Price : FOB Tianjin USD600-3600
  • Contact Person : Tina Mars|||Account manager
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  • Website : www.bdtite.cn
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Update : Jan/17/2020
  • Product Details

    Before the new transformer running into operation,the transformer turn ratio or voltage ratio needs to be tested to check the correctness of the transformer turns ratio, tap situation,whether inter-turn short circuit, whether the transformer can operate in parallel.The traditional ratio bridge reading is not intuitive, need to be converted, can only be measured by phase.TEBB-600A ratio tester overcome the traditional shortcomings of the ratio bridge test,easy to operate and intuitively. It can complete a three-phase ratio or turn ratio test once, take less time with high accuracy. Features: (1) Adopt precision three-phase inverter measurement power supply to measure the voltage, which eliminate the harmonic effect of the main voltage , more accuracy. (2) Adopt 3 phase output voltage,3 phase input voltage and 3 phase measuring at the same time, can automatic identification of transformer connection group 0 -11 very easily. (3) Suitable for various transformers, with the function of testing the Z type transformer. (4) Using precision three-phase inverter power supply, has the high and low voltage reverse connect protection and transformer inter-turns short circuit protection, tap-changer protection and output short circuit protection functions, increase the stability of instrument. (5) After inputting the rated parameters, can automatic measure transformer turns ratio, error and tap-changer points, especially for asymmetric tap-changer points, also can accurately test the position of the transformer tap-changer, can measure up to 99 points of tap-changer (6) With Micro-printer, USB and RS232 interface.

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