TEBZ-10/20/50/100 Transformer winding resistance tester
  • Company : Baoding Tianteng Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Region : Hebei , China
  • Category : Electrical Equipment & Supplies > Other Electrical Equipment
  • Specification : Technical Indicators 1. Output current: 10A, 5A, 1A, 200mA, 40mA, 5mA, automatic setting. 2. Measurement range: 0.001?-1.6? (10A position) 0.03?-3.2? (5A position) 0.06?-16? (1A position) 0.1?-80? (200mA position) 0.3?-400? (40mA position) 100?-100k?(5mAposition) 3. Accuracy: 0.2%±2?? 4. Resolution: 0.1?? 5. Operating temperature: -20 ~ 40? 6. Ambient humidity: ? 80%RH; no condensation 7. Operating power supply: Rechargeable DC lithium battery; AC220V mai
  • Quantity : 200
  • Price : FOB Tianjin USD600-3600
  • Contact Person : Tina Mars|||Account manager
  • Telephone :
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  • Mobile phone :
  • Website : www.bdtite.cn
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Update : Jan/17/2020
  • Product Details

    The tester is designed to measure DC resistance of small and medium-sized transformers, engines, motors, CT, PT and etc. Multiple current gears are available to meet various measurement requirements. Features 1. This tester has large output current, light weight and other features. 2. This tester can provide 6 output current selections and the maximum output can be up to 10A. 3. This tester has a wide measurement range (0.001?-100K?), and the resistance temperature can be conversion with the set temperature. 4. This tester is provided with a perfect protection circuit, with more reliable test performances. 5. This tester is supplied with a lithium-ion battery, with easy on-site operations. 6. This tester has a sound discharge alarm to reduce any error operation. 7. This tester can be supplied in AC and DC modes, to meet the measurement requirements on different sites. 8. This tester is equipped with a 4.3-inch color LCD display, with 480×272 TFT true color screen, Chinese operation menu, and real-time output print functions. 9. This tester is equipped with RS485, used to transmit the test data to the background. 10. This tester has a large storage capacity, and can store up to 200 test records. 11. This tester is equipped with USB ports, used to transfer the test data to a U disk. 12. The parameter settings on this tester are more perfect; test winding, tap position, test phase, sample temperature and conversion temperature of the transformer can be set.

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