B2u Ltd
Xebec Japan Co.Ltd.
Address:201, Takuto T.O. Building, 1-28-1, Higashi Ikebukuro
"MADE IN JAPAN cosmetics": Dream of making high-quality, excellent-value cosmetics? Our company was established in 1941, it has been involved the cosmetics-making industry for about 70 years, and is a cosmetic OEM that offers considerable experience knowledge accumulated over our long ….
Address:4F, Kyutaromahi, Chuo-ku
Founded in 1973, we manufacture and sale cosmetics to 18 countries now. We have our own factory, like shampoos, treatments so on. Our factory is clearing 'About class 10000' that shows the cleanness degree of fabrication environment. OEM product was chosen be best cosmetic grand prize ….
Address:7-9-2 Yumegaoka,
Mind Up Co., Ltd. was founded as a company that carries out its activities while cherishing the innate human ambition to make today better than yesterday, and tomorrow today, even if only by little bit, be can provide place such improvement. Our theme for manufacturing is "awareness", meet demand ….
Address:2-4-20, Shimoiida
Since our company Nagarakagakukogyo Co.,Ltd.founded, we keep researching and developing moving on to meet diversity market needs with a business principle of honest trustworthy. The first products, detergent, was sale in 1960. Continued industrial bathroom fungicides, outlet ….
Address:5-3-7, Danno-shima
Apipol Farma Japan K.K.
Address:Futaba 4-13-12
We do all the processes of commercialization from development and manufacturing our PB (private brand) cosmetics. have contracted partnership with a number companies had good track record in OEM agreements. With technology know-how gained so far, we would like to support which consider their own ….
Address:4-18-4, Honmachi
Viansin Co., Ltd
I would like to export Japanese goods to the world. At the same time, I'm really interested in importing ONLY ONE GOOD in your country. I been looking for very unique products from your country..
Address:203 Tendo Yagoto Tenpaku-ku
Maruhou Shoji Japan Co.
exporter of Japan-made  skin care products, exporter of used equipment , heavy eqipment , farming tractor, forklift.
Address:19-5 Benten-4 Urayasu Chiba 279-0026 Japan
Resource Habitat Inc
Importer and Distributor bridging other Asia, Europe to japan. Sourcing of product to the supply demand.
Address:Nishi-ku, Irino, Shizuoka, Japan
Muses Eye Co., Ltd
We are a general trader exporter and importer located in Tokyo Japan branch Bangkok Thailand. Our main business is exporting products as Beauty equipments, Home-use Fitness machine, Houseware for commercial domestic use Cosmetics from Thailand Japan. ….
Address:2FL.,Ryoin Bldg.2-9-14 Tacho Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Fesco Kyushu Co.,Ltd
Fesco Kyushu Co, provides a continous supply of save & secure food for the society, and to pursues proposal including a low cost services. As an enviromental measure, energy (heat, water, waste, plant operating time, labor, etc.)use reduction effort. Moreever, as most important our mission : ….
Address:Waterloo Hill
Cosmetec Japan was established in 1885 under the auspices of Momotani Juntenkan, a groundbreaking company that one pioneers modern cosmetic industry Japan. From company's establishment research plant used Western medical concepts to produce cosmetics 1913, has been at forefront driving ….
Address:2-4-30, Ichioka, Minato-ku
Atmark web co ltd
Address:3f, Imada Bldg. 5, 2-33-3, Minami-Ikebukuro
Miyabi Japan
We are a Japanese hair scissors manufacturer, Miyabi Japan.All of our scissors are Hand Made and made by highly skilled craftsmen.Our skilled craftsman took over the traditional way of making swords of Samurai..
Address:3-37-13, Shinden
Hokkaido life-style is becoming a hot topic in recent years. The reason lies the abundant food resources from ocean and mountains of Hokkaido. In order to enhance image Hokkaido, as well promote brand with its eating style life style, make it be widely accepted Southeast Asia, our company, Ltd, ….
Address:1-4-3 Irifune,
Beauty Yono
We selling all kinds of beauty equipments.
Address:Rm 1611, Yamatoseimei Bldg. , 1-2-10 Uchisaiwai-cho
We are noted by customers as being a trustworthy company and have been given the name of "Faith." built up 10 years experience in beauty salon industry. On that basis, we aim to produce highly functional equipment is seen professionals easy use. now manufacturer for one year. Our products smallest ….
Address:1-15-2, Izumi
Alternatives Plus
We at Global Light Network are pleased to present our exciting array of products and services. Our primarily offered through Web site : Caribbean. Globallight. Net As customer, we will serve you in your quest for cutting-edge better health wellness. motto is WELLNESS THROUGH AWARENESS. We have ….
Address:7979 NW 21st Street, Kin487
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