We mulukind business plc was established in 2012 G.C as importer of industrial and laboratory chemicals. Managed by managing director, deputy technical manager. There are also experts, finance personnel, marketing experts liaison officer. ….
Address:Addis Abeba
We supply Antimony Ingot, Trioxide , flame retardant Masterbatch or compound products with high quality and competitive price. Our Company is one of the largest Sb2O3 manufacture & Exporter in China (examined approved by Ministry Commerce People's Republic as antimony exporter supplier). production ….
Address:14F,Fuchun ORIENT Bldg.No.7006 ShenNan Boulevard
MarchVET India
MarchVET is established and headquartered in Mumbai, India. Today, it has made a mark the industry as high quality manufacturer exporter of Veterinary Medicines. We specialize Anthelmintic Anti-parasitic medicines related to liver flukes, tapeworms, gastrointestinal round worm, nematodes, ….
Address:Mumbai, India
Hunan YC Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Hunan YC Biological Technology Co., Ltd., located in Changsha National High-tech Industry Development Zone, is a modern high-tech enterprise which incorporates scientific research, manufacturing and marketing. The company devoted to the specialized production of mangiferin products, plant ….
Address:No.408 National High-tech Industry Development Zone
Chesen BioChem Company
Chesen BioChem Co., a special manufacturer of 1-MCP(1-Methylcyclopropene)..
Address:No.400, Qianshan Rd.
Parkin International
1.Acetic Acid 2.Acetone 3.Benzoic 4.Carbon Tetrachloride (C.T.C) 5.Citric 6. Caustic soda flakes 7. Soda Ash 8. D.O.P 9. D.B.P 10. Di Ethanol Amine 11. D.M.F 12. Ethyl Acetate 13. E.D.C 14. Formaldehyde 15. Glycerin 16. Hydrochloric acid 17. Hydrofluoric 18. Hydrogen Peroxide 19. ISO Propyl Alcohol (IPA) ….
Address:Mumbai - Pune road, Pune
Best and stable unsaturated polyester resin with excellent service and competitive price from China. Website:
Wuhan Excellent Voyage Chemical Co., Ltd
Wuhan Excellent Voyage Chemical Co.,Ltd, Specialized in manufacturing.
Address:5th Building, Vanke Hankou Legend, Wuhan City, Hubei P.R.C China
Shanghai Sridal Adhesive Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Sridal Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high performance protein glues in China. Protein are type glue also referred to as animal or hide glue. It protein-based gelatin This term originates from the source used manufacture this glue, which typically extracted hides and bones ….
Address:No. 300 Jin Fa Road, Jin Hui Zhen, Feng Xian District, Shanghai
Phu Nguyen Thanh Dat Co., Ltd.
Our company is a young new company, but we are assure that our products the most suitable for your choice. We have various of Damar Batu meets needs about both quantity and quality. If would like to co-operate, please contact as address below. Thank you. ….
Address:11, Ha Vang, Vuong Loc, Can Loc
Nhat Huy Investment JSC
NHAT HUY GROUP – one of leading manufacturer and exporter CACO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH, CaCO3 Powder, natural stone, PVC Compound... Our Filler MB can be mixed with LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP usage from 10-40% in final products for all applications: extrusion, injection moulding, film, blowing... Specially, we ….
Address:203 Minh khai, hanoi
Wuhan KangMei Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Wuhan KangMei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializing in pharmaceutical intermediates, general reagents, chromatography reagents and other chemical products, we have five subsidiaries, the industry with high visibility, while enjoying tax-free benefits. Company platform has accumulated a large ….
Address:Wuchang district, Wuhan city, Hubei
Zhejiang Shengxiao Chemicals Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Shengxiao Chemicals Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1987. Quzhou Intel Polymer Materials 2000. Mainly operating p-hydroxybenzoic acid and nipagin ester products it's sodium salts, continuously rank fist Chinese market. In 2004, was approved as High-Tech enterprises. The annual production capacity ….
Address:Wing C, Building No. 30, East Lotus District, Quzhou, China
Chemiex Chemical Co., Ltd
Chemiex is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering an extensive range resins, solvents and pigments etc. across the world. Based in Jiangsu, China, comprised several operating companies focused on pharmaceutical industry materials. Our main products include:High Purity Vanadium ….
Address:A-701, Zhigu Software Park, Jiangyan
Xiaoyi Jin Jing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2006,Website:, Xiaoyi Jin Jing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a coal-tar chemical company that integrates the design, development, deep processing, sales and service of oil washing products. It located largest energy industry base with rich mineral resources China - City, ….
Address:Under the town of Fort West Village , Xiaoyi City ,Shanxi ,China
Qingdao Chiying Chemical Co.,Ltd
Our main product: Xanthan Gum oil drilling grade 3rpm≥12.5, 16, 20(dispersible and non-dispersible) Xanthan Gum food grade Xanthan Gum industrial grade.
Address:No.17 jiading road, shibei district, Qingdao, Shandong, China.
Qingdao Develop Chemistry Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company under modern enterprise system. Its leading products include water treatment chemicals,Website:, such as isocyanuric acid series(SDIC, TCCA, ICA), and halobios chitosan series. ….
Address:1914 Room, No.3 Building, 31Longcheng Road, Qingdao China
Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of top quality hydrocarbon resins in China. We manufacture C5 petroleum resin, hydrogenated DCPD C9 resin,C9 coumarone aromatically modified C5/C9 copolymerized terpene resin. the leading enterprise China producing ….
Address:South Kunwu Road
Chengdu Taiyu Industrial Gases Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2002, Chengdu Taiyu Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. is a leading specialty gases company China. As the business grows continuously, 2008 Corporation Group was formed. The head of TYHJ who Mainly aiming to research and development Specialty Calibration Gases. Besides, There are over 1000 employees ….
Address:NO. 2375 Chengluo Road, Longquanyi District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China
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