High voltage cable
  • Company : China Sanew Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Region : Beijing , China
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  • Website : 2-1-101, Binhefang, Daxing district
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  • Update : Jan/10/2019
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    High voltage cable Motor Lead Wire High Voltage Cable Supplier High voltage cable Sanew Cable manufactures high voltage wire cable in a variety of voltage ratings.These cables have been designed for a long life time at the maximum voltage rating. Ratings are based on test-data evaluation and our extensive experience under operating conditions. High voltage cable is used for traveling wave tubes, magnetrons and klystrons,laser systems, Cathode Ray Tubes(CRT), high energy physics research,and high voltage power supplies.

Company Product

  • High-voltage Installation Wire
  • MIL-W-81044/12 Aviation Cable
  • FY1-2 Type Silver Plated Copper PI/F46 Insulated Cable
  • MIL-DTL-81381/7 Wrapped Protection Cable
  • LSZH Lightweight Ship Cable
  • High voltage cable