Proje Yapim Mobile Turck Trailer and Custom bus design manufacture compnay With international ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certificates, the production of our project vehicle design company is realized with CE guarantee certificate. We are producing mobile trailers buses special projects in Ankara Center Bodrum manufacturing factory Turkey. In ….
Address:Sedat Simavi Sokak No: 58/6 Güzeltepe mah. ÇankAya - ANKARA
BIB HEALTHCARE is a pharmaceutical, medical device wholesaler and consulting company located in Ankara, Turkey. We provide import & export of pharma products throughout the globe. supplies original drugs generic drugs, OTC products, other consumables, Cosmetics food supplements to more 24 countries 4 ….
Pekas Automation
Pekas Automation has built its reputation upon creating automation for both the local and foreign marketplace since 1995. Our success been achieved by constantly providing customers with latest technologies, so they can compete in today’s global marketplace. products value-added services are ….
Address:IVOGSAN 22 Cad. 1417 Sk. No:13 06378 Yenimahalle - Ankara
TURKFILL Machinery
TURKFILL Machinery; Was established in 2018 Istanbul to produce "Filling Capping and Labeling Machines". production lines can be defined as the installation of starting from pre-assembly product packing packing. Its main machines are; Filling Machines, Machines Lines. "Filling, Labeling" is fastest ….
Dear Sir/Madam As Kale iplik company , we have two spinning mills in North West of Turkey . One is producing predyed cotton/polyester OE regenerated yarn We produce 500 mtons monhtly from Ne 6/1 to 24/1 .we Export several different countries including South and America are yarns for circular knitting flat ….
As a company developing integrated production, our quality certified manufacturing has continued since 1978 based on high technology. This integration can be described broadly as R&D, Electronics, Electro-mechanics, Production Lines, Mechanics Workshop, Moulding Plastic Injection, and Vacuum ….
Mrp Precious Metals Trading Ltd.Co
Hi We are a genuine byer about Gold,Copper and etc..
Address:Ankara city
Denmak Makina
For over 15 years, Denmak Makina has been manufacturing refractory spraying machines and concrete for cement, iron-steel lime industries; mining, tunneling pavement sectors. In addition to these, is also honored provide its services manufacture brick trimmers, cement vibrators many other equipment ….
Address:ikitelli organize san.sitesi 13 blok No33
Patriarch İthalat İhracat. Taah. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Patriarch is a trading company based in Ankara - Turkey. We represent leading international companies. rely on our strong distribution networking and market knowledge to build, together with partners, brands. export wide variety of products for clients. These range from; Spare parts, construction ….
Address:Beştepe Mahallesi, 27-28 ViaFlat İş Merkezi 7/2 Nergis Sok, 06560 Yenimahalle/Ankara
Nesil Company Limited
We are leading market expanding services for our partners..
Address:Emet Road 1th km. Tavsanli/Kutahya
HT Grand Tekstil
2001 yılında kurulan şirketimiz, nakış ile başladığı yolculuğuna örme kumaş devam ederken, 10 yıl öncesinde otel terliği yapmaya başlamış ve şuanda aylık 120.000 çift terlik üretim kapasasitesine sahiptir. Standar ürünlerimizin yanında, müşteri talepleri ….
Address:Hacıeyüplü Mah. 3162 Sk. No:7
steelkimya &cosmatic
we are main producer spray paint fast adhesive vernish rust remover oil remover our spray paint acleric and no smell gas firt quality also our hammer hand made %100 steel we are good alternative between europe.
Address:Mimar Sinan Mah. 45. Sok. No:19/1 Kapaklı - Tekird, yok
We are one of the leading export firms in Ankara, Turkey. a wide variety products for our clients. These range form; Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Metal Steel, mechanical parts, heavy duty machinery pumps, construction materials, medical supplies equipment, metallurgy minerals. All come with all necessary ….
Address:Turgut Ozal District, 1940 street No: 81/21, Yenimahalle 06370 ANKARA
Buy CBD Isolate Powder Online Hemp Full Spectrum CBG Crystal Crystals Visit and place your order Worldwide shipping available Contact: Call/whatsapp:+90-538-541-4819 +1209-949-3420 99% For Sale, We grow manufacture high quality organic oil for ….
PAPER PLUS KAGITCILIK A.S. Paper Plus Kagitcilik is a well known Drawing manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey. We started to operate manufacturing and selling of machinery cutting systems 1982. Since 1988, have been producing exporting the pastal drawing paper which used sections textile industry. Our ….
We are a producer of the premium quality plastic cup, plates, food container and cutlery. Located in business heart Turkey, Istanbul our clients mainly Europe, UK, USA, Middle East especially Israel. Very close to European markets by land sea ports Our company is most reputable for its high products as well ….
Address:Orta Mah. Yetkin Sk. No:9/1 P.K 34956 Orhanlı
ELBI is a wholesaler/ warehouse from Turkey exporting pharmaceuticals and med supplies to 100s of customers in 50 countries around world. We offer branded medicines medical items with very good prices as parallel traders . If you would like learn more about our services please do not hesitate cantact me. ….
Gizem Seramik Frit
we are a firm in Turkey and produce porcalain enamel..
Address:Sakarya 2. OSB San. Böl.1.Yol No:18
Tasmak Metal Makina Co. Ltd.
As Tasmak Metal Makina we manufacture Circular Sawing Machines in Bursa, Turkey. Since 2000 serves its dear customers with producing mechanical parts automotive and machinery industry. 2010 have specialized manufacturing Manual, Pneumatic Semiautomatic our 1000 m2 factory. There are two models, 275 ….
Address:Demirci Mahallesi, Dere Sokak no:59/1 Nilufer/Bursa
RBS Resadiye Bentonit Madencilik Sanayi Ltd Sti
Having 645 hectars premium quality sodium and intermediate type high cation exchange capacity bentonite quarry, RBS combined geology with the 20 years experience in smectite group clays, mud engineering international trade to provide best products for drilling, foundry, geotextile, steel ….
Address:Reşat Nuri Cad 124/11 Çankaya