Dear , I am interested in the Black Pepper Round Give me your best price CIF Spain Port of Algeciras. where FOB For two indications: 500 g / l 550 g / l Sincerely Jean-Michel [email protected] 00 33 6 52 98 74 07.
Address:59 Ave Maréchal-Foch
this company is currently creating and don't get a web site. The aim is to import bamboo pellets in europe..
Address:1, Carquefou, nantes, France
An handcraft company specialised in truffles from italian region Molise. We offer You the fresh ; Tuber Aestivum , Melanosporum, Magnatum as well homemade delicatesseen: olive oil, sauces and cremes. All our products are created without additions of couloring agents withous preserving? propose only ….
Address:51 Via Manzoni
Cashtim Limited
We have cashew and shew nuts to supply. we also have all types of timber ready for supply. We have plywoods,planks of different sizes and quality in large quantity. We are also interested in buying machinery and spareparts..
Address:44 chardy avenue paris France
Dumaroc, comme son nom l'indique, vous propose des produits de l'agro-alimentaire bio tels que miels, huile d'argan alimentaire et cosmetique, d'olives, sardines en boites 125gr lithographiees ou non, articles artisanaux, bijoux argent. Nous proposons certaines periodes randonnees guidees dans ….
Address:3 rue Saint Joseph Strasbourg FRANCE/Bas-Rhin 67200 France
South of France producer.
Address:Avenue De La Gare
Our company is based in Bosnia. It is specialized in maple, oak, beech, fir tree's logs. Our annual capacity is about 20,000 m3 and more... For more informations, contact us..
Address:2 rue montaigne
We are a French company named, Archimede (Give me place to stand and I will move the Earth) by name of famous scientist. Its objectives accompany projects, educate, create develop products ranges activities which aligned with Fair Trade criteria. We have been working for 2 years Guinea Bissau in order be ….
Trade name is NITEX-WOOD We are an Export Office partnering with major forestry-sawmills from South of France Main products: logs and sawn timbers of beech, oak, spruce, fir, douglas. ..
My company is nearly avignon. We provide equipments for surface disinfection via aerosol (SDVA) used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. are expanding a new activity: nursery to produce - inoculated oaks with black truffle, - other plants like pomegranate produce polyphenols extracts ….
Address:2 Rue Saint Sebastien
medicals plants, seeds, ethnobotanics seeds, samen, plante rare medicinales.
Address:13 avenue des alpes
shom samba lp
Address:c p 52 wing
Benoit Quiviger
Sell Shallots / Echalotes.
Optima Trading
We are official direct sellers mandates for sugar INCUMSA 45 and offer great deals on: REFINED WHITE CANE SUGAR GRADE "A"-ICUMSA RBU SPECIFICATIONS **Polarization, degrees, min 99.80% **Ash by electrical conduct, max 0.04% (on dry weight basis) content, 0.08 **Moisture, **ICUMSA, max, (Brazil S:G:S: ….
Address:6, Allee des sciences appliquees, #955, Toulouse, -, France
We export black eye beans, pepper, cloves, vanilla, cacao, essential oils of Ylang and Jatropha Oils etc. from Madagascar import Industrial supplies, commodities such as flour, rice, sugar, pasta, also industrial, semi-precious precious stones. ….
Address:44 Boulevad Pinel Lyon Rhones 69003 France
We are france wood-beech procesing company ready to do busness with you. Please send us more details about all dimansion you need and we will send you after that our cotation. Till than please read more about our company..
Address:29, Avenue Des Sources
We are farmers producing rape or sunflower oil. We can produce 75 MT of oil per month. We also respond to the norm DIN V 51605 and are able to have a perfect tracability on our products. Contact us @ +33 6 72 99 96 14 to have more informations. GENESTE cyrille.
Address:1, Villereal, France
We are an Export Office in France which deals the exportation of major Forestries/Sawmills from South France. Certified PEFC eco-label. The French forest areas renowned for their production high-quality oak and beech . have clients several countries. offer regular deliveries BEECH, WHITE OAK lumbers ….
Address:BP 7, Rte de St-Girons, Montesquieu-Volvestre, Midi-Pyrenees, France
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