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We are COSE di PELLE bk shoes based in , Italy. member of since August, 2011. Our business is related to Shoes & Footwear industry and we specifically deal matching bags elegant for woman dressed shoes. Please find our product details below: factory Italy produce from 1970 all production worked ….
G & G Srl
Young company dealing in polished diamonds and italian style jewelry. We seal diamonds starting from 0, 03 ct to o, 29 ct. We have our uwn gemmological laboratory as well as jewelry production laboratory..
Address:Via Domenico Pugliesi 2, ortona, Italy
MyOnlineShoppingCenter was launched in December 2009 with the idea to give even smallest merchants an opportunity sell there merchendice over internet. Working for Italian Jewellery company, and traveling around world, really showed me potencial of small merchants. Even though they are small, often ….
Address:Via Piave 5, Bassignana, AL, Italy
Giuliano Capogrossi
Jewelry business with a focus on important jewelry. Materials of choice are platinum, 18k gold(any color), diamonds (only those accompanied by GIA report stating min color E, clarity VVS2, symmetry and polish: very good, table depth proportions within the prefered ranges) and, occasionaly, pearls ….
Address:Via, B, Italy