Link International Business
Link International Business is an import consulting company established in Brazil, and we assist Brazilian companies who wish to from China. Besides, also work represent Chinese the South American market. Our goal promote both regions a trustful, rentable long partnership. ….
Address:Pinheiro Machado 3209 / 301
Zarde Import & Export Brasil
sou fornecedor de icumsa 45 ,milho , soja ,direto com o seller mandate atendemos grandes quantidades CIF ASWP, FOB clientes interessados favor enviar LOI e BCL para nao perdemos tempo.pedidos minimos 12,500 t/.somos empresa seria nome no mercado mundial 45. ….
Address:av:olimpia silva 468, queimados, rio de janeiro, Brazil
Grupo Z2 Importacao E Exportacao
We are a group formed by several investors and farmers in the largest state of Brazil, Mato Grosso, other neighboring states.  Mostly producers food, but because current area, we also have products that come to our areas marketing.  Products such as hardwoods, minerals metals precious stones, ….
Address:Rua I CPA I, Cuiaba, MT, Brazil
Inter Aduaneira Ind. E Com. Ltda
Dear Messrs, please let me introduce our company. Inter Consulting is a Brazilian company specialized in international business focusing on new opportunities to customers. Nowadays one of clients for whom we are working FAZFORT which producing veterinary syringes, stainless needles and other products ….
Address:Rua Rio de Janeiro, 1316 - Centro, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Euro Brasil Marketing Systems Ltda
We are general agents, based in brazil, with offices in portugal and poland. Our main activities are vermiculite, steel, meat, sugar wines and soy. We offer marketing consultations. Please visit our web-site..
Address:509 Palladium Center,1140 Av Republica Do Libano Setor Oeste
HIPULL - MHS Mecanica Hidraulica E Sistemas S.A.
Since 1986 procudes planetary gear box heavy duty winches, for several applications, based on its own design..
Address:N.S.Amparo, 3736, Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Adventure Productions Ltd - BRAZIL
We are your DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY in BrazilWe provide one-stop destination services a single point of contact, seamless operation-so that you can relax and enjoy every moment trip. custom design travel programs-making sure all needs, goals motivational objectives met-business or leisure. ….
Address:Av. Dreamlane 225
Brazilian International Business
Our Export/ Import Office is located in the city of São José, state Santa Catarina, south Brazil very close to Itajaí Port, one largest Ports and major Port region Brazil. We offer personalized import/ export solutions with main objective total customer satisfaction, lower ….
Address:Domingos Andre Zanini, Sao Jose, Santa Catarina, Brazil
BR Guacu comercio de metais
Welcome to BRG Trading High quality Brazilians Products Exportation with competitive pricesFor more information, please contact us.
Address:Acurcio Alves Ramos, 1000
Jgb Personal Protective Equipment
JGB products are developed according to national and international technical norms standards meet worldwide needs for safety equipment. Extreme careful selection of raw materials, design, effectiveness quality finishing some the characteristics that bring our a competitive level.Besides that, ….
Address:Rio Grande Do Sul
We Introduce ourselves as a Company engaged in various business activities, Real Estate, Export of Rare Ores & Other Minerals, Medicinal Herbs, their extracts, Spices, Ornamental Rocks, Honey Bee, Aromatic Essential Oils, Development and Implementation Projects for Mining Operations Agrifood ….
Address:United Nations Avenue, 6565 - 19 floor, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Younes Moronho Consulting Service Inc
Brazilian company headquartered in Brazil and the United States, providing Consultancy exporting products, giving assistance locating suppliers for importers around world, developing new products suppliers. Export or trade products; Emerald, tourmaline, precious stones, aquamarine, topaz. ….
Address:10001 Atlantic Blvd, Coral springs, Florida, Brazil
Hy Brasil Beach
The inspiration for the constant search for quality and differentiation of Hy Brazil Beachwear in Brazilian market and abroad is very close to us: beaches, sun, beautiful women and summer all year round. "Hy Brazil. Formost beautiful beaches "..
Hilton Deerfield Beach Papers
We have been in Papaer business since 2006 and do provide our clients worldwide with best quality A4 Paper. Inaddition to having the finest quality, we also Paper following colors: White, Blue, Yellow, Red Grey. Our International Sales Department is well-equipped handle your orders any part of world. ….
FROZEN BEEF HAUZ are simply one of the best and competent suppliers around world, we privileged to advertise supply Halal Certified Whole frozen chicken, Chicken feet, Breast, legs etc... with reasonable price.Our specially hand Slaughtered accordingly Islamic requirements. ….
Address:R. Tutoia, 77, Jardim Paulista, Sao Paolo, Sao Paolo, Brazil
We specialize in developing, monitoring and managing the operations of import, export commercial development, where customer plays an active part process. Our professionals have extensive knowledge representation international markets. use our experience to help companies develop both domestic ….
Address:dona margarida, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Glycerine Trade Brazil
Glycerine Trade Brazil is a company specialized in agricultural commodities. We offer consulting services the agribusiness, intermediating commodities working without or with Chicago stock. are connected main stocks world, offering consultation and execution of exchanges. ….
Address:Other, Brazil
Rio Tech Com. de Equipamento de Seguranca e Informatica
Established in 2013 de City of Rio Janeiro we are proud to supply our customers with the best products Surveilance Equipment acutally available on Market. We constantly looking and sourcing around globe for new reliable partners. Rio Tech Comercio Equipamento Seguranca e Informatica Estrada do ….
Address:Estrada do Mendanha 1340 / Sala 203
Edilson Pellegrini
Edilson Pellegrini, broker. We sell agricultural and manufactured products from Brazil as brokers. offer cotton derivates, soy beans, juice, furniture, fruits, etc. are located in one of the most famous cities for agriculture, especially its production beans cotton. ….
Address:Rua Xique-xique, Quadra 04, Lote 11, Sala 01
We open The Doors to stay To Market. Our Philosophy: If The Deal Is Good For Both. We Will Deal Allways. IF The Deal Is good Just For Me or Just For You. We Will Deal One time Only. Cheers CEO: Josue Medeiros.
Address:Marcio santos da Silva