SLAVMAR & Partners Ltd.
Sikabul LTD
We have different types of machines for the production of wooden goods. We are currently producing embroidery hoops and frames, looms, weaving frames, furniture and other hobby materials. We can produce any wooden items per require.
Address:2 Asenovgradso shose
Essential oils and herbs Ltd.
„Essential Oils and Herbs“, grow, distill and supply authentic organic and conventional essential oils and floral waters with outstanding quality at a competitive price. Our main products are Lavender, Rose, Chamomile and Melissa..
Address:Burgas, Antim 1 str. 26
Chameleon Color Pro
Chameleon Color Pro is a producer of hair color charts with 10years experiences. • We PROVIDE fully closed production cycle Design & Printing Assembling Logistics precise colorists wide gamut unlimited shapes and sizes swatches, plastic laminil clips. full concept for dye charts, catalogs, retail ....
Address:16 n. Shileva Str
Brevis Ltd is a family owned company with more than 22 years in the market, processing and farming agricultural products for human consumption! We are taking care of our product since beginning, we have chain whole country agronomist team supervising all farmers from planting, fertilizing harvesting up to ....
Address:Beegarden Business Center 173 Prilep Str. Office 5
Belacorn ltd
Belacorn LTD is specialized in production of high quality Coriander seeds. Storage, cleaning and packing in our factory with annual capacity of 3000mt..
Address:62, Tasgovska Street
Ningbo Die Casting Man Technology Co Ltd.
Ningbo Die Casting Man Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.And our are mainly exported to over 30 countries such as USA,Germany,Japan,Spain,Italy,UK,Korea,Australia,Canada and etc.Our clients include many OEM customers who specialize in ....
Address:No.225, Tanshu Rd, Ninghai, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Pastili Limited
Pastili Limited is a Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of organic natural honey the biggest honeycomb producer Europe. The whole production process carried out our GMP HACCP certified factory full compliance with EU standards. ....
Address:14 Stancionna St.
Abador Trading Ltd
ABADOR TRADING LTD is a parallel trading company, specialized in buying and selling of A-branded spirits, coffee chocolates. We have 25 years international experience. primarily trade through Escrow accounts major European bonded warehouses: Top Logistics, Loendersloot, Mentrex, etc. Do you with ....
Address:7th Buzludja str.
Tenev Group Ltd
The company was founded in 2011. There are several subsidiaries the EU and outside countries. team is multinational responsible for its day-to-day tasks. registered as a corporate customer of Libyan National Oil Company (NOC) since 2015. We also have real opportunity to supply different types fuels. ....
Address:str.Colorfull world 11a.ap.23
Multi Park Ltd
“Multi Park” Ltd has been active in the market since 2007. We are specialized constructing child playgrounds, piblic parks, recreation and entertainment areas. In 2016 opened a new, modern environmentally friendly factory for producing rubber tiles made out of recycled (SBR). ....
Address:ul. Adam Mickevich 9
Best Consult
Bulgaria Trade company.
Address:22 Mesta str
Lilovi 77 Ltd
Company '' Lilovi 77 Ltd. Furniture Factory is a private company, established in 1996, which production and storage facilities are located the territory of town Troyan, Bulgaria. The company has many years experience chairs tables. In order to expand our create new good business relationship we would like ....
Address:289, Gen.Kartsov str.
First May JSC
“First May” JSC is a leading company in the processing of oilseeds Bulgaria and an established leader on market grains oilseeds. The business activity core purchase sale agricultural products - grain. factory with fully automated mechanized operations, quality control chain raw material final ....
Address:Simeon Veliki 23
Komaks ltd
Komaks Ltd. was established in 1996, we are a fast and reliable distribution company creating value-added solutions the information technology sector. We provide communication network,hardware solutions, PC components, units that included our product range all sorts of to meet diverse corporate ....
Address:11-13 Tsaritsa Ioana square
Melnitsa Varna 2006 Ltd
Our company name is "Melnitsa Varna 2006" Ltd (in English: Mill 2006) and we are in the flour milling business. mill situated city of Varna, Bulgaria (EU). Certified under HACCP IFS standards, producing a wide variety wheat flours, as well rye mixed wheat-rye flours. During process bran separated therefore ....
Address:1 Akademik Kurchatov str Varna Varna 9009 Bulgaria
Dimitar Genov
This is small company off surveying in Bulgaria. Buy total stations topcon or leica. Price US.
Address:ul."Dimitar Blagoev" 15A et.1 Veliko Tarnovo Veliko Tarnovo 5000 Bulgaria
Address:David 16