• Company Name : Inland Chem Co
  • About Us : Inland Chemical Co. is regarded as the leader in international & offshore chemical supplier, chemical advisory with global range. Inland Chemical as a truly global supplier operate across 6 continents. Inland Chem Co known for our local market knowledge, expertise and experience balanced by an international reputation for the highest quality of service. Every new product or market trend is confirmed by our early-adapters group, our products are approved in model “bottom-up” which makes us very reliable business partner. We are wide range chemical suppliers company with big experience on the market. Our partners are the biggest manufactures and suppliers in Europe and aboard. Our mission is providing you the best quality products in the lowest price. We believe in strong business relationships build on trust and the highest level of services. We’re changing tomorrow. *All shipments were parceled in Europe. If you buy our products, we can supply your customers.
  • Product/Service : Ketamin, mephedrone,venoms
  • Category : Chemicals
  • Contact Person : Jeremy Martins|||Salesmanager
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  • Telephone :
  • Address : 914 AL-165 1444 Highway

Company Product

  • Scorpion Venom