• Company Name : Tianjin Galfa Metal Product Co.,Ltd.
  • About Us : TIANJIN GALFA METAL PRODUCT CO., LTD., as leading companies in producing and exporting all kinds of steel wire and steel strands, especially for the Galfan (Zinc-5%aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated ) steel wire products , has a metal business background of some 10 years and enjoy a good reputation through out the world. With strict quality-certificated system, Tianjin Galfa Metal Product Co.,Ltd. has been authorized GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015quality system certificate. Our quality inspection institution is awarded the title of “Certificate of Compliance” by China Quality Inspection Association. The main products of our factory is ● Galvanized steel wire ● Galvanized steel wire strand ● Zn-5%Al-mischmetal alloy-coated steel wire (galfan wire) ● Zn-5%Al-mischmetal alloy-coated steel wire strand (galfan wire strand) We have 3 galvanized line and 6 strand machine, our product ability is about 25,000 ton per year.and about 70% of our goods is for export .we have customers in about 40 countries all around the world. Mainly used for power transfer ,cable production,farmland and so on .
  • Product/Service : Galvanized Steel wire,Galvanized steel wire Strands, steel, strand,galfan,Zn-5%Al-mischmetal alloy-coated steel wire、strands
  • Category : Minerals & Metallurgy
  • Contact Person : Iris Lee|||
  • Link More : China Minerals & Metallurgy ,China Steel Wire
  • Telephone :
  • Address : Lizui of Beichen District
  • Website : http://www.galfa.cn

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