Nordic Eco Group
The biggest manufacturer of straw pellets for horse bedding in the Baltic region. Producing widest range and other animal bedding. 20.000 tons per year production capacity. 1,5 hectare spacious sheds proper raw storage. Customized packaging (labeling sizes). Transportation internationally ….
Address:Kybartu g. 1 Kudirkos Naumiestis, Sakiu r.
Eurora Trade
We export white peat to FRANCE from Belarus and Lithuania. The can be packed in 150L, 250L, 300L compressed bales or 4.3-6 m³ “Big Bales”. If you are interested our proposal would like get more information about peat, feel free contact us English French: info(at)***** ….
Address:Main street, Vilnius, Lithuania
UAB "RG Medis"
Address:V. Putvinskio 1
MB Baldonas
Address:Riesutu 8-100
Mantvydas Strumskys
Annually growing Blueberry Plantation. 1 ton of blueberries grown every year. .
East West Logistic
Logistic in Baltic Sea region, Business Services worldwide.
Address:Other, Lithuania
UAB Edanas
Our company is Danish capital Joint venture. main activity to produce camping houses for Scandinavian market. Since start in November we have produced 16 sets of Denmark. Along with the houses, trade ecological products. 4 years experience supplying wood pellets 6, 8mm, various packing, DDU or EXW, ….
Address:Radviliskio g.100-31, Siauliai, Lithuania
Suntrill Ltd
We are international trading company Suntrill from Eastern Europe. Our can offer the following products in bulk, industrial packaging: Dairy bulk ??kimmed milk powder ??ream ??weet whey ??emineralized ??asein ??hey protein concentrate ??nhydrous fat ??HT ( tetra pack) ??ondensed (in tins) ….
Address:Justiniskiu 64-1, Vilnius Lithuania
UAB "Vigika"
Address:Laisves pr.
Address:Banduziu 15-40 5814 Lithuania
UAB ''Totalauto''
Address:LT59325 Liepalotas. Asmintos sen.
"ersla" Company
We are "ERSLA" Company from Lithuania. Our goods selected Europe, Asia, America market. can supply used rails, tire scrap packing in bulk, shredded tires for cars, trucks, also clothes and food products, refined sunflower oil, CDRO sugar other.. email: eexports (at) mail (dot) com ….
Address:Minijos 11 Klaipeda Lithuania 5800 Lithuania
GUMITRA AgriGroup has been working to supply BELARUS (MTZ) tractors, spare parts, wheels and tyres (made in Republic of Belarus) for sale consequently the business expanded with sales worldwide. We are dedicated providing best possible services our clients. With clients spread worldwide we specialise ….
Address:Savanoriu pr. 159A Vilnius Vilnius LT-03150 Lithuania
Gamma Trade International
Hello, My name is ?ygimantas Vilius, and I represent GAMMA TRADE INTERNATIONAL, raw meat trading company, which is working with customers in Eastern Europe, Belarus,Russia and Asia markets..
Address:Vilniaus street 31 VIlnius Vilnius 04313 Lithuania
Vita Trade Corporation
Vita Trade Corporation is trading company which has been active in the non food and industry continuously since 2002. For almost 12 years, we have responding to tendencies of development foreign markets. Our customers appreciate quality products on offer our business reliability, that why attempt give ….
Address:Draugystes g. 19
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