Salivaso S.A
Address:calle fransico villa 100
Olistica Detox
supply herbal detoxification products, all kind of supplements. We are formulators and manufacturers, seeking real superfoods around the world in design stage a network marketing company, life changing ingredients for immune, diabetes cancer support, food extracts as alpha psp, AHCC, etc. need ….
Address:Paz Montes de Oca 31-306
Mexican Chia Seeds Co.
En 2012, un grupo de porductires agrícolas mexicabnos la región Ciénega del estado Jalisco, buscando mejores alternativas para diversificación cultivos, inició las labores cultivo chia orgánico. Esperamos que ….
Address:Jalisco, Mexico
This company is dedicated to export Rabbit Skins, Kid Goat Skins, Sheep Skins and Wool; we process all the products in our facilities including the process plant and the warehouse. We have exported to: Uruguay, Hong Kong, USA, Spain, Turkey and Belgium..
El Regio Distribucion y Logistica
Distribucion y logistica en la region de Norteamerica.
Address:Benjamin de la Mora 338, Barrio de Guadalupe
Promotora Agroindustrial De Yucatan
Dear Manufacturer It is a great pleasure to introduce our Company as the leading processor of Chile Habanero in Mexico. We are leaders national and international market production industrialization this hot Chilli. The HABANERO CHILLI produced YUCATAN PENINSULA, MEXICO vegetable that has an reputation ….
Address:Km. 1, Conkal, Yucatan, Mexico
Address:J. de la luz Corral 2017
Productora Agropecuaria 40 SPR de RL de CV
Address:Sierra 941
a group of Young Mexican entrepreneurs decided to make use thier vast farm lots, and inevestigate plant aloe vera. This product has been so succeful in this área due the climate, soil conditions, that we have focus some atention international market. We are able produce 2, 000 tons year, ….
Grupo Perlita de la Laguna S.A. de C.V.
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Address:Acueducto 3035 Morelia Michoacan 58240 Mexico
Bio Harmony
High stabiltiy, high quality, purity colloidal silver hydrosol. Bio Harmony and its sister label Silver offers a 90% minimum ion particle content. We offer hydrosol at 15ppm or 20ppm as mineral health supplement From our range. Our range 0.3% 3.8% for industrial use such water treatment impregnation of ….
Address:Av. Enrique diaz de leon #2357, Guadalajara Jalisco 45170 Mexico
Real Estate company in the Cancun area. Real Estate infrastructure builder for private and public customers..
Address:Bonampak 3, Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico
Mexico has an extensive history of coffee production. Mexican is grown mainly in the South central to Southern regions country. Our Coffee selected from Coatepec, Veracruz, Oaxacan Plumas, and southernmost region Chiapas. one largest producers coffee, because close proximity, most exported U.S. In ….
Address:Plaza 5 de Mayo Navojoa Sonora 858000 Mexico
Fruits Rodriguez
If you are seeking to purchase bananas, coconuts, mangos, cactus, mangarines, or peanuts buy it from us. We offer quality fruit at economic prices. Let us know what your latest bid is and we will give the lower price..
Address:Calle A, Tecate, Baja california, Mexico
Juana Gonzalez Ortega
Address:A. Yanez 92
Transco Group
We have our Orchards of Organic banana, with export quality and are looking to introduce our fruit into the U.S..
Address:Jade 3334-1, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Gladiolus Company
Address:sierra nevada, puebla, puebla, Mexico
Nueces Don Julian
Especialistas en Papayas S.A. de C.V.
Our company is the only one that offers guidance and help through entire cultivation process. That competitive advantage of with respect to others. Also papayas grow out from seeds we commecialize are have an incredible quality flavor. ….
Address:Mariano Otero
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