Ekoskoop Coals Ltd
Fine selection of raw materials: The quality Hard wood, high temperatures were fired from. High carbon content, heat large. Hard wood charcoal features: Clean appearance, lasted for a long time, smoke-free, non-toxic, no smell, burst high-value, low ash, fire. ….
Address:Mouambong street Tombel Tombel Litoral 00237 Cameroon
Hard Wood Charcoal Ltd
we are wood and charcoal manufecturers from cameroo capable of suppling all sorts in good quality huge quantity any part the world price range is $15-$200MT willing to establish our business roots every earth ready corperate with those understand us thanks ….
Address:foncha street lewoh nwr 00237 Cameroon
Agrobio Fuel Energy Ltd
we are a manufacturing company that sale wood pellets and other energy related product for a very affordable price.we supply more than 10000tons a month.
Address:manga williams avenue kumba kumba south west region 237 Cameroon
Ekeson Holdings Limited
We are leading manufactures and exporters of good quality quantities WOOD PELLETS that we seeking to sell all serious long term buyers in the world also our products interest for low prices FOB CIF any port world. We give out free samples buyers. Our Minimum order is 10MT delivery time 21days Maximum work on ….
Address:1/5Pound Road Awakam Street Awakam North 237 Cameroon
Wood Energy World
we are dealers in Charcoal, Wood pellet, fire and other timber For Manufacturing of charcoal  and wood pellet various quality     * Bakau Charcoal     * Mangrove Hardwood & Softwood Bamboo Sawdust Carbon Coconut Shell Palm Oil Briquette ….
Address:45 St.James stards Douala Littoral 237 Cameroon
We are suppliers of both semi and fully refined paraffin wax used for making different products,please contact us for more information..
Address:Ekondo village Ekondo south 00237 Cameroon
Diamco Cooperative LTD
we are supplier of hardwood Charcool, we supply to most international countries around the world. We export to Asia ,North America znd Europe. we are interested in a long term business relationship. thanks.
Address:Blvd de la liberte ,Akwa douala littoral Provine 00237 Cameroon
Sonara Refinary
Light Oils or Middle Distillates This oil type includes: Fuel Oil (grades 1 and 2), Diesel Domestic Fuel, Marine Gas - Crude falls into this category. Oils of are moderately volatile, normally leave up to 1/3 the spill after a few days. The toxic concentration is moderate, however intertidal organisms will ….
Address:365 Limbe South West Cameroon
We are a professional enterprise in manufacturing,processing,product research,and exporter of machine made charcoal,shisha charcoal . activated carbon and other bamboo products. we focus on producing developing more environmental, healthy functional products, with the purpose honesty, ….
Address:E412 Yabassi Littoral 701 Cameroon
Royal Charcoal Industry
we have hardwood charcoal with high quality and competitive prices Specifications: Fixed Carbon: 75% Moisture Level:  7% Ash Contents: 3.6% Heating Level: Kcal /kg 6800 Volatile Matter: 13.5% Burning Time: 980 sec/cm3 Shape & Using: Wood Type: Big Trees (Casuarinas) ….
Address:Akwa City Douala Littoral Region 237 Cameroon
Global Energy Inc
Global Energy Inc. is an international oil and gas holding company with investments in Gas Refining Limited (GGRL) also other forms of energy such as coal, charcoal wood pellets; a sister processing operator the Niger Delta area Nigeria, which one most prolific petroleum producing regions world. GGRL ….
Address:Bonaberi-Douala Douala Litoral 237 Cameroon
Donny Coal Ltd
Product Description Charcoal Specifications: Calorific value: > 7, 000-8, 000kcal Ash content:.
Address:8 Mission Street Limbe Cameroon
Exccellent quality  pellets ready for sale at promotional rates today, our products offer a wide range of applications from home use to industrial use. we very competitive and affordable are able excellent customer services such as packaging labelling, insurance cover, many more. contact us ….
Address:bonaberi mile 18 street Douala littoral region Cameroon
Tabot&Sons.Co.Ltd. We are charcoal manufacturing here in Cameroon. We have continuous develop our charcoal product and now we are the best product quality here in Cameroon. We are produce charcoal from coconut shell 100%, Iron-wood, Bamboo, Soft-wood---..
Address:7 street Bonaberi Douala Litoral 237 Cameroon
AlPha Group.SA
We are Cameroonian company,producing good quality hardwood charcoal Hard wood charcoal Moisture level 4%:6% Ash contents 3.5% Size from 6-8 sm Packing: Standard packing from 3-50 kg polypropylene (p.p) bag, Shipping" Trucks  16-20 t.
Address:24 ave street,kompina village kompina littoral region 00237 Cameroon
Candy.Wilson Co Ltd
we do supply in large and small quantity depending on our buyers request , we make our supply world wide and we also have one of the best product in the world ,.
Address:lola mill6 south west kumba 00237 Cameroon
nilvistawaxplc is a privately own company in Cameroon.We deal with the supply of both fully and semi refined paraffin wax.Buyers in need should contact us for more information..
Address:molyko buea buea southwest Cameroon
Akis Wood Inc
Created in 1994 and located in the Basa industrial ave.The company is involved in the manufacturing and direct supplies of wood products.
Address:19 Basa Industrial Ave Douala Littoral Cameroon
ecocam oil fields
Address:mile 12 limbe
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