Akam Modern World Co. active in the sale of petroleum and minerals.
Address:Iran markazi arak
pub ltd co is working on exporting and producing energy chemical products ….
Address:sepehr biulding
Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh Co.
Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh Co. (BTH Co.) is basically a manufacturer and blender of re- refine base oils fuel (Hydro- Carbon) an international trading company in Iran Taiwan all blended such as engine oils, hydraulic gear oils. The owner director BTH Mr. Bahram Bazrpash Amalgar key person to create mutual ….
Address:No.11, Parandeh
We are manufacturer and exporter of Oxidized Bitumen,Oxidized Asphalt,Penetration Bitumen,Cutback Bitumen,Nathral Asphalt,Gilsonite,etc Bitumen product range includes: R85/25 R85/40 R95/25 R95/40 R105/15 R105/35 R115/15 penetration 10/20 30/45 40/60 50/70 70/100 100/150 160/220 330/430 ….
Bitumen Export Group
Bitumen Export Group is an efficient and experienced producer supplier of Bitumen, which has the highest standard for road construction projects. Our main customers are from Indonesia, Hong Kong; African countries south American countries. Penetration bitumen: 30/40, 40/50, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, ….
Address:Africa Blvd, Tehran
padideh kohan
Petrolad Pars supplies bitumen from Pasargad Oil and Jey Refineries to Middle East, Central Eastern Europe, CIS Africa. We are a global procurement consulting firm with clients worldwide. Our head-office is located in Iran branches Bandar Abbas UAE, Georgia. aim provide competitive prices. The key ….
Address:No.253. Felestin St. Tehran. Iran
Noursun Energy Aria
About us Noursun Energy Aria is a knowledge-based company at Science and Technology Park of University Tehran. Afterward Co. focused its activities on Audit, design construction renewable energy plant's in Iran especially solar manufacture new generation projectors LED lamps. The aims to establish ….
Address:Tehran, Keshavarz Blvd., Vesal St.,Shahed Alley,No18.
Tabarestan Refinery Llc.
I am director manager of tabarestan refinery , we supplied products of crude , so we professional supplied RPO,Slack wax,Engine Oil , Paraffin wax..
Address:pasdaran , tehran , iran tehran iran Iran
Elevator 110
we salle elevator spair part in a big shopping elevator 110 managers are sedighi and sedghi. xxxxx xxxxx.
Address:damavand, tehran, Iran
We can supply LPG and other products from NIPC with best possible price from Iranian south ports. please contact us and let us know your requirments..
Address:Uesef abad Tehran Tehran 14155 Iran
our company can supply any order with no limitation and high quality material. we warranty exporting certificate.
Address:shokoohieh qom qom Iran
karimzadeh trading co.,ltd
Address:, jordan, zafar
we are one of bigest manaufacturer in Iran that our product is solar water heater , gas heater , gas water heater.
Moshir Steel Co Ltd
buyeriron and steel, channel, angel, beam ,ibeam ,plat reil,and other import and export pip and steel pip.
Address:No: 376 - moshirodoleh ahanalat moshir esfahan esfahan 8195154758 Iran
Azin S. A.
We are supplier of all petrochemicals like RPO , Slack wax, Bitumen, Base oil SN500 ,....
Address:3rd floor no111, 4/1 St. Golha Sq. Fatemi Ave.
Kala Resana Co
Kala resana corp. Was established on august 22nd 1996 with involvement of 30 well-known and active manufacturers, companies persons in order to handle their import export requirements, from raw materials machineries products. The main shareholders kala corp is niroo investment co. Of national ….
Petro Yar Poya
exclusive agent of a few reputable companies for instruments ; valves , pipes , etc selling petrochemical products.
Address:Other, Iran
Atusa Sanat
Dear Sir, We are pleased to introduce "Atusa Sanat Co.," as leading major exporter of Iranian products in world wide. active exporting Petroleum & Petrochemical such as: 1- Engine Oils, useable Petrol Gasoline engine?s vehicles. 2-Recycle Base Oils various grades, SN150, SN350, SN400 SN500 3-Slack wax. ….
Address:No.3, Sarmad Allay, North Soherevardi Ave., Tehran Iran Iran
GHOGHNOUS International Industry And Trading De...
We have many comunication in middle east about petroleum. Our products generally are sold by opec price..
Address:Qazvin, Karaj, Tehran, Iran
Petro Zafar
We are menufactury of Coal Tar and Bitumen with grad 60/70, 90/15,85/100 . We can sell each  per month about 1000 Tone..
Address:4 Pirozi Ave , Meghdad St, Amin Ln#8 Tehran Iran
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