Expect Excellence Langenes AS exports Norwegian seafood to the world. We are a company that challenges its surroundings 360 degrees in order create value all way from producers of raw materials consumers. Changes industry and markets happen quickly. Sustainable creation is dependent on expertise ….
Address:Åskollen 17, 3825 Lunde
Romsdal Processing AS
ABOUT US Brattholm Invest AS is an independent, family owned seafood business in Norway operating since the 1990s. We work with fishermen and shipowners of more than 60 Norwegian Trawlers Long Liners that supply us Frozen at Sea raw material products. receive new catch 15 cold store terminals daily arrange ….
Address:Havilabygget, 6092 Fosnavåg
Hansson Fishing AS
Fresh Product: Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Cod (Gadus morhua) Mackerel Horse Trout King Crab Legs Live Whole Lobsters Fillets ribbon fish, atlantic herring, cold water shrimp, warm shrimps, prawns, pollock, sword horse mackerel, capelin, saithe, dry anchovy stock cod, sea cucumber, live green crabs, ….
Address:Røtningavegen 244, 5216 Lepsøy
Exporters, Manufacturer, Processors and Wholesaler of fresh frozen Premium Seafood. Located in 8130 SANDHORNØY. Atlantic Salmon, Trout, Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Mackerel, Herring, Capelin, Farmed King Crab, Snow Crab Clusters, Scallop Meat, dried sea scallops, Bay Salmon Fillets, Cod Roe, Fish Maw, ….
Address:8130 SANDHORNØY
Arctic Catch AS
Norwegian Red King and Snow Crab & Fresh Whitefish Processing on Arctic Catch AS. Located in Vardo community. Here we produce North Atlantic as Cod, Haddock Saithe. Product range include fresh, frozen, wet salted products stockfish. Our facility is situated the middle of catching areas. This give us ….
Address:F-158 Vardo Finnmark 9955 Norway
Global Trade Gate Group
We trade, Machineries, Foods, freight and many other commodities all over the world.The company is headquartered in Norway, with offices, Asia-china, Africa- Ghana, United Arab Emirates. The located storage handling facilities for we trade.We are an entrepreneurial trading committed to growth ….
Nordica Engros
This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet..
Address:Langerudsvingen 19
Crown Financial Services Ltd
We are a new established trading company located in Norway. Our aim is to boost the import / export between developing countries and developed countries. want be best at: 1. Price 2. Quality 3. Quantity 4. Profitibility If your wants at same-dont hesitate contact us! Remember-its better try make it work! ….
Address:1281oslobrunas Vei11
Bringing Norwegian water to the Chinese and Hong Kong market is our primary goal, before entering other markets. Nordic Natural Water AS a company, based upon an old idea of bringing China. For 7 years founder has worked with securing rights watershed, finding optimal logistic solution. Finding this, pilot ….
Address:Roraskogen Industriomrade
Zagros import as
We established 1991, wholesale of all food products and sell to all scandinavia and middle europe.we have up too 400-500 productsplease contakt us to have a nice talk,we can suplly you, or inform you.
Address:trondheims veien 13
Food store, decoration and house items.
Address:Torgsenteret Storgt. 81 P. B 890
Afrikas Hjelpefond
We ar agent, who can provide all products mentioned here, and also we can help to finne new products from food products, constructions macheneries, bamboo materials etc, etc, Anyting please contact us as soon as possible! . ..
Address:Nordlandsgt. 12
This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet..
This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet..
This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet..
Address:Tobrotet 3
Ninjaindustries Inc.
Ninja Industries is a venture company working as a catalyst to serve B2B opportunities. We develop products from idea to finnished product through involving apropriate investors, manufacturing and distributing parties..
Address:Mollergata 32a
Usberk Trading Ltd.
This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet..
Address:Bjornsons gate 32
Meretemors Bilder
Meretemors bilder is only a photographer, and some of the pictures are now for sale, you can also see selected on Getty Images, whitch sales marcetplace pictures,The sale will be shown, or ….
Address:Mindeveien 39
Norwegian trading company, ship world wide. More than 20 years with food products. Products. Fresh and frozen. Fish, chicken, beef, pork, veal.
Address:Prof. Birkelandsvei 28 A
Fosnavaag Seafood AS
This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet..
Address:Indre Hamn
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