Diprozom is a private limited company that owns natural mineral water well, in Serbia (Aleksinac), place very well known for the quality of its undergrounds. Our latest analysis have shown chemical composition our exceptional, with Ph 8,4 and an output 10 litres per second. being young company, we are ….
Address:chemain vieu d'orange, serignan du comtat, france, Serbia and Montenegro
Tade & Barter System
EBB SERB is a Country Office of (Euro Barter Business, Baden Germany) and member IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association, New York USA) situated in Belgrade, Serbia. Therefore we have direct-buyers direct-sellers, on cash or part cash/part barter basis, from around the world. ….
Address:Lomina 5, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Gawas Impex
Export of high quality products from Serbia as natural mineral water, quality fruit juices, extraordinary leather stationery etc. An intermediary for urea, various gold products and cooper cathodes..
Address:Zanatski centar bb, Guca, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
We are specialized in Energy Drinks, Natural Weight Loss Products, various Beauty and Skin preparations, Product for help to Quit Smoking based on honey herbs, Various General Health care natural Dietary Supplements. Products available as Beverages, Tea, (Energy drinks/Weightlifting) ointments ….
Address:Starine Novaka 21, Belgrade, SERBIA, Serbia and Montenegro
Smart Beverage
Dear Sir/Madam, SMART BEVERAGE SERBIA is the representative of American firm in Balkans. We offer following products: 1. TNT ENERGY DRINK (in 355ml cans) 2. LIQUID ENERGIZER 473ml which available six different flavours. At moment, there no competition this business when speaking and cans; therefore, we ….
Address:Dusana Popovica 16, Nis, Serbia and Montenegro
Our company has been founded in 2003. Up to the present, we have built 50.000 sq/m of housing estates. At moment, are constructing two shopping malls 10.000 each. Shopping rented and be offered for sales. The formed a consortium construction Russia estates, bussiness as well roads bridges. As trading, ….
Address:Humska 3c, Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Xxxxx. COMP. Doo
Dear sirs, we are searching for mineral water distributors out of EU. Mineral water we are selling holds several medals for quality. Produced according to HACCP, ISO9001 & ISO9014. Both Sparkling and Still water to be sold. Best regards Bojan Beckei.
Address:Miloja Pavlovica 5, Belgrade, SERBIA, Serbia and Montenegro
Address:SVILEJEVO, Apatin, SERBIA, Serbia and Montenegro
Exporting the best bottled mineral water VILAVODA from our spring in Serbia Packaging:PET bottles of 2, 5 and 6 lit. All information>FISHER COMPANY ***** 00381638222733 00381643144153.
Address:zarka zrenjanina 4., NOVI BECEJ, vojvodina/serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Delikates *****
Import and Export from diferent to other countries of the world. Best goods from Ballkan over the world..
Address:Barikade, Prizren, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro
AD Sava Kovacevic
Ecka from Lukino Selo (a small Serbian villige near the town Zrenjanin) is one of largest fishponds in region. Our standards fish production are very hight. The annual carp our ponds more then 3500 tons. Recently, we interested to launch a live fish, or fillets on European market. At this moment have 1000 tons ….
Address:Vinogradska kosa bb, Vrbas, Serbia and Montenegro
100% privatly owned. 150 emploee, lider on domestic market. Production of jogurt, margarine and chees will start im May..
Address:Autoput Beograd Novi Sad, Beograd, SERBIA & MONTENEGRO, Serbia and Montenegro
RonelioTrading LTD
Trading company dealing with all big names in confectionery and toiletries.Looking for new reliable partners..
Address:Serbia and Montenegro
BMG Source Group *****
We are general trading company based in Belgrade, Serbia.We connect manufactorers & buyers. Till now we`ve been working with Cars car parts, Valves &fittings, insulations, caned food , cosmetics, natural ***** If you see that we cam sell your product or have something to offer please do not hesitate contact ….
Address:Cerova 4, Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Sea Food Serbia
We are from Nis in Serbia, only factory for fish canning in our country. We process approximately 100t per month frozen sardina..
Address:Belotinac, Nis, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Our company was established in 2007 and is manufacturer specialized producing canned marinated fish.We are located Eastern Serbia at Danube coast enriched with many of fish species, but our orientation to produce high quality types. We offer the world market a several kind products, nutritional ….
Address:Vinci bb, Golubac, Serbia and Montenegro
"SPM Stamenkovic" is a company which specializes in producing and packing powdered products, cake decorations, spices, gelatin food colours. Our main purpose to make all our products 100% edible eatable sure that the standards of European Union are met easily managed since raw materials finished ….
Address:CVIJICEVA, NIS, SERBIA, Serbia and Montenegro
Cokolend AD
You may view our assortment, with photos and discription of the products, on our web site *****.
Address:Djuradja Brankovica 11, Paracin, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Grand Prom AD; DrogaKolinska Group
Grand Prom AD is a market leader on Serbian in producing Turkish type coffee. Other products are different blends of Espresso coffee and line `Grand pleasure` instant products. or well knovn as " Kafa" member DrogaKolinska Group (www.drogakolinska.si) . ….
Address:Surcinska 6a, Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro
Bozja Voda DOO
"Monte Minerale" reaches the buyer in its original state, having been but slightly processed for extra smoothness. is produced from a 350-meter-deep well located heart of Montenegro, preserved forest area, between cities Cetinje and Podgorica. The production first-grade potable water began 2009. ….
Address:Dobrska Zupa bb, Cetinje, Meterizi, Serbia and Montenegro
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