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  • Update : Jul/08/2019
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    Model: CFR3 Main technical indicators: Use power: 220V/50HZ Power consumption: 30-50W Disinfection factor: plasma ozone gas and negative oxygen ion Ozone production: 3000mg Body material: corrosion-resistant bright stainless steel plate processed by CNC sheet metal Product size: 180*330*200mm Introduction: The electrode medium of this machine is imported from Germany, and the electrode adopts internationally advanced double-sided unique protection moisture resistance to prevent the adsorption of dust and water vapor, and is equipped with a fan with large air volume, and the equipment runs stably and reliably. It can quickly produce high-concentration ozone and negative oxygen ion gas. Its disinfection mechanism is: electrolytic separation of air to produce ozone, which can make it lose its viability by destroying the structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a short period of time. The bactericidal effect of ozone is rapid. When the concentration exceeds a certain value, sterilization can be completed in an instant. The ozone concentration is completely designed according to the space sterilization requirements of the house. It can fully achieve the effect of killing bacteria and viruses quickly, eliminating the odor inside the room, increasing the oxygen in the room, and effectively improving the air quality in the room, such as the forest after rain. Create a fresh and healthy space. Features: The machine is light in weight, easy to carry and use, and is ideal for disinfecting the interior space of the guest room and the surface of the item. Carpets, chair covers and other items are seriously polluted Can also be placed in the air conditioning pipe disinfection treatment Application place: It is used for the station's waiting room, machine room, warehouse and hotel, hotel room daily disinfection and deodorization, sterilization and mildew, cleani

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